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The lab facilities include:

  • 4 nos of of bottle washing units.
  • Separate plant Washing Room.
  • Separate Plant Packing Room.
  • Well equipped Media Preparation Room.
  • Bar Coding system for complete process.
  • Plant Growth Room to hold 1 million cultures at a time.
  • 4 Plant Innoculation Rooms.
  • 14 nos laminar Flow Chambers – 28 seats in all. 5 more to be added.
  • Separate unit for new plant initiation/innoculation.
  • Sterilising units that can sterilize 2800 bottles of Media at a time.
  • Hardening chambers that can hold 200,000 plants.
  • Shade house of 1.5 acres. For secondary hardening.
  • 1 acre poly house with misting and fogging systems.

The whole operations are executed by very well trained and highly experienced staff.


The whole process incorporates quality parameters at each stage of production – right from sourcing the mother plants/cultures to dispatch of ex-agar, in-agar, primary and secondary hardened plants.

  • Using ONLY Reputed brands of chemicals.
  • Media preparation under strict procedures.
  • Bottles and caps used are mechanically cleansed.
  • Sterilisation is done as required as sufficient capacity is available.
  • Dissection done under strict supervision and regular checks to ensure quality
  • Bar Coding system and software to ensure overall control of the protocol including the media, dissection, contamination, the number of cycles, etc.
  • Virus indexing is done ONLY at DBT Approved labs to ensure only virus free materials are multiplied.
  • Contamination check protocol is done - on both culture and media - on a daily basis on very strict parameters.
  • Sterile check of all areas as well as materials used is done on a regular basis.